What Is Google Drive And How To Use It

Still many people exactly don’t know what is Google Drive? And how to use it? Here, this informative blog brings to you overview of Google Drive and help for novice who want to enroll this trusted file storage & synchronization service, developed by Google, Inc.

By joining Google Drive, you can get advantages of cloud storage, file sharing and collaborative editing. Start your Google Drive experience with drive.google.com using your existing gmail address and password. This cloud storage service will give you 5 GB of free cloud storage space to start with, where you can easily and safely store your files that can be accessed from everywhere. Also Google Drive is collaborated with Google Docs to give you reading ease.

There is a plus point of Google Drive service that it is helpful for common users and business persons to store, access and share their files with great ease.

How to use Google Drive:

First of all, open drive.google.com and sing in using your gmail ID & password. After sing in, you can find “Download Google Drive for PC”, press that tab and download Google Drive for your PC. Once you install it in your PC, this service will create ‘A Google Drive Folder” on your computer. You will also get shortcut of this folder on your PC’s desktop.

Now you have to just do drag & drop file, you want to store on Google Drive Folder. Also you can make sub folder in My Drive with your choice name and stores files in it.

Get rid of mail & mail attachment’s hassle, enjoy this simple to use drag & drop cloud storage service from anywhere. Let’s take an example. If you are working at office and need those files (Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Forms, Drawings, Pictures and other files) also to work at home, then install google drive at both home’s and office’s PC, and put your file in it. You can access your files & folder from home as well as office, isn’t it great!

No matter wherever you are, you can easily access your files at drive.google.com. Moreover, this service allows you to upload files and folder. Sharing files and folders to your friends, family, circles, and more people, just got so simple! For your ease, you can switch to list or grid view, and also sorting your files. Enjoy your own drive!

Google Drive Application is also available for iPhone and Android Phone.